The Process

Our products are created using ground-breaking technology to provide pure drinking water.

Our patented technology extracts water from the atmosphere, and this moisture in the air is replenished naturally and continuously, making it a viable and sustainable process. Our AWG was modeled to take advantage of nature’s hydrologic cycle. We replicate and augment it by circulating ambient air through a condensation chamber where the dewpoint is consistently maintained—collecting available vapor from the air, producing a perpetual flow of water, even in low humid areas. Relative Humidity is the measurement of the amount of moisture available in the air relative to the saturation point. So by maintaining the dew point within a chamber that continuously circulates moisture-laden ambient air, our AWG machines become energy-efficient. With our proprietary process, we can even supply pure and healthy drinking water in parts of the world where no other apparent water source exists. The air is filtered, the vapor is condensed, and water is collected, and to ensure purity and pH levels are stable, it goes through an eight-stage filtration process before essential minerals are added back. The resulting pure, healthy drinking water produced is the ideal form of water that exists meant for human consumption.

How it Works

A bio humidity condensation method and customized filtration process that provides pure and healthy drinking water straight from the air.

Water Collection

Water condensed on bio-mimicked surface and stored in the stainless steel water tank.

Air Filtration

Fresh humid air is sucked in through a vent and then thoroughly filtered for impurities and particles.

Pure Drinking Water

Dispensed drinking water meets drinking water standards of World Health Organization (WHO) & Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Dry Air Expelled

Hot air is release back into the atmosphere after the water molecules are extracted.

Eight Stage Water Treatment

Collected water I treated with UV, ozone. membrane, and carbon cartridges before minerals are added back.

Our Highlights


We have incorporated nanotechnology into our products like bio-mimetic, nano-engineered, micro-nano structure patterned surfaces to make our evaporators and condensers.


Based on air quality and contaminants we ensure that the undesirable chemicals, biological matter, suspended solids, and harmful gases are removed from the water with the help of modular water purifier cartridges.


Re-mineralization cartridges add human body essential minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Na, Se, Zn, Fe, Cu, Co, V, and Mo) to generate water in a sustainable and controlled manner.


Clubbing energy efficiency with renewable energy will give us the much-needed window to incubate the renewable energy sector without having to increase the cost of electricity.

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